Granite Knob


It was one of those trips where we pack up the car, take off, and then decide to go somewhere else. We were headed for Alabama Hills, but I just couldn’t let the turnoff up 9-mile Canyon go by. So we went to Granite Knob, a somewhat remote, lush, meadowy spot in the northern Domelands. It was the right choice, and my ankle handled the short approach and a few 5.8 toprope climbs with no pain! It felt good to climb again, and the routes were at a perfect level for Ann as well. I’m still worried about jamming my ankle, but I know that at least I can climb on it.

2 responses to “Granite Knob”

  1. wow, looks good. i wanna go. i wish you had more climbing pics in there.

    looks like ann was wasting good tequilla on margaritas. BAD!

    lot greener than i thought it would be up there.

  2. Yeah, we just don’t get pics while we’re belaying. Of course if there were three of us…

    Ann also thought it was a shame about the tequila, but we weren’t in the mood for shots. She told me, ‘They have the best tequila and the worst marguerita mix. Hmm.’

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