Movie: Bull Durham


The ankle injury is finally paying off with some movie reviews. This is a baseball movie that features Kevin Costner. Despite those two strikes against it, it recovers marvelously. Tim Robbins wears garters and breathes through his eyelids while he pitches, sings of wooly women, and survives nights tied up in Susan Sarandon’s bed while she reads Walt Whitman aloud.

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  1. werd on kevin costner sukking.
    he actually went to my old high shool.
    he was a regular attender of Buena High’s girls basketball team home games. heh.

    bull durham was a decent look into minor league baseball. if that lifestyle is something yer interested in seeing, then that movie is ok.
    i like the last scene, where sarandon is on the floor of her thrashed – over – partied kitchen.

  2. Keanu Reeves is NOT an actor. he’s a face/body. occaisionally these “props” become good actors / actresses.

    Costner’s best role? well, he was the stiff in “The Big Chill”. his face was cut from any scenes… all you see is his slit wrists, clothes being put on his corpse for the funeral, etc.. dudes a bad actor in some MEGA movies… why? oh… HOLLYWOOD tripe.

  3. I guess I’m weird cause I *like* Kevin Costner. I liked Water World, but didn’t care for The Postman. I like Dances with Wolves a lot! But, I agree he can come off stiff. Like Warren Beatty.
    Having said that, *this* is my favorite baseball movie. Kevin is on his way out. He was close but never had what it takes to get to the majors. He was only there for 21 days. Can you imagine the agony of being that good in baseball but not good enough? Now is only kept on as a stable pony to mature an up and coming young pitcher. He’s bitter, he’s thrown away his life on baseball, but he doesn’t know how to do anything else.
    I love the lines in this movie! “I belong to the church of baseball”, “I believe in the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman’s back,…and soft, deep wet kisses that last three days!”. “You told me what I was going to throw, didn’t you?” This movie grows on you like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. I own it and watch it 3 to 4 times a year. I never get tired of it.

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