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Probably the best portrait-film I’ve seen. It deftly catches so many facets of the character’s personality, many completely contradictory, that I soon gave in to a sort of overwhelmed oscillation between awe and revulsion. There are great quotes throughout the dialog, lots of maps, convincing battle scenes, poetry, and historical soliloquoies. Definitely a perspective on WWII different from the recent Hollywood takes.

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  1. Patton… yes, a fine movie of a fine warrior and commander, portrayed by one of the best actors that ever lived.
    George C. Scott was a phenomenal actor in my opinion… rent “Fire Starter”. his character is scary powerful… to the bitter end.

    want some grit to go with yer movies? rent “Hardcore”. not a terribly appealing or interesting story, not even that good of a movie, but another fine perfomance by C. Scott.

    ok, you wanna see George C. in a BAD ASS TO THE KURB FLICK??? rent “Rage”. his character has this beautiful determination in it… RAGE!

    back to Patton. Scott received the MPA’s Best Actor Oscar for that movie… purportedly a unanimous decision.
    though he attended that Oscar night’s ceremony, as well as many in the after that, he NEVER ACCEPTED HIS AWARD. NEVER.
    occaisionally, if he was in attendance, they would offer it to him AT the ceremony, he’d just smile.

    back to Patton.
    Patton was a very fascinating person. i strongly advise you to watch a documentary / bibilography on him sometime. the men under his command were a hard driven and VERY feared group during WWII.

    as far as war movies go, it was DEFINITELY a departure from the atypical H-would flix.
    recommend the mini-series “MacArthur “(Gregory Peck) as well as “Ike” (Robert Duvall?) to get more insite into these ultra powerful WWII generals.

    as far as WWIImovies go (in no particular order):
    The Big Red One
    Saving Private Ryan
    A Bridge Too Far
    The Guns of the Navarone (amazing, especially if you KNOW about WWII era firearms)
    D-Day (great for its coverage of actual battles, names, names of generals, etc..)
    Cross of Iron (hey, the ‘bad guys’ have a story too)

  2. I do plan to see at least some of those. I would have to put Thin Red Line and Das Boot in my best-of list.

    Was Fire Starter Drew Barrymore’s debut? I don’t remember much about it – especially that Scott was in it.

  3. ha! Thin Red line… i wasn’t really into that EXCEPT that it was a clean/clear depiction of fighting in the South Pacific. Sean Penn… he hasn’t done shit in yeeeeeeearz. i thought he sukked in that.

    Drew’s 1st movie was “E.T” i believe.

  4. I thought James Caviezel was the star in Thin Red Line. I thought that movie went quite a ways beyond most in conveying a whole experience of war, especially the contrast of fighting and dying in the incredibly beautiful, peaceful surroundings of the South Pacific.

    Actually Sean Penn has stayed pretty busy, but out of the mainstream. He’s hit & miss, I agree, but he can do a lot with the right part. I liked him in U Turn, and Hurlyburly was a little upsetting but he carried that movie. Unfortunately he was not up to emulating Django Reinhardt in Sweet & Lowdown, which I really wanted to like.

  5. Yeah good desert movies are rare. You have Lawrence of Arabia and then…? Mad Max of course. In fact I’ve seen another ozzy desert flick that was good about two kids who get left in the outback. Can’t remember the title…

  6. good aussie movie, but NOT in the desert is
    “The Earthling”. it was William Holden’s final movie… has the same feel as “The Shootist”, which was John Wayne’s last movie. i think you will like this one.
    Ricky Schroeder is in it as well. it’s a very compelling story, imho.

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