Movie: Heart of Light


This movie from Greenland is packed full of absolutely magical snowscapes, which alone are mesmerizing enough to win me over. In that setting the movie tells a mythic tale of the impact of modern Danish culture on native Greenlanders. Another salient reminder of the rewards of having good filmmakers in distant parts of the world.

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  1. was there any tits and a$$ in this? i am just curious, cuz i don’t consider a movie to be all that if you don’t get to see boobs.
    FULL FRONTAL NUDITY (female) is really the way to go, imho.

    i recommend Shaka Zulu for LOTS of bare breasted nubian women. i don’t know if this is a foreign made movie, but i was made in Afrika. lots of killing and bare breasted women.

  2. more on the Zulu uprising.

    Michael Caine is simply one of the best… top 10 for sure… maybe higher… actors EVER. he co-stars (one of his EARLY roles) in the movie “Zulu”. i can not give this movie enough recommendation. it is a true story.
    you wanna see white get slaughtered? check out “Zulu Dawn”. great movie.

  3. I don’t think this film will disappoint you. There’s a half-naked witch who does a seductive dance with a sealskin drum.

  4. i now have a hard-on.

    there is a witch in Shaka Zulu. she is like 300 years old, blind/white eyes, ragged hair and teeth. her tits sag, the nipples are like 6 inches long and are wrinkled and they are NOT shy about showing them.

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