Month: July 2010

  • Tata Telepresence Map

    Client: Vernal Creative The locations of Tata’s impressive video teleconferencing rooms are presented on a customized Geo Mashup map, with the both an info window summary for each marker, more information about a selected location in the sidebar, and a list of locations by continent below. The CSS wizards at Vernal managed the stylish info…

  • Vedauwoo – Plumb Line

    Before leaving for a short trip to Fort Collins we drive visit the Plumb Line crag. The climbs here are short but brutal. The first works me hard, and the classic Plumb Line utterly defeats me, leaving me wanting to return for a better effort. When will steep hand jams start to feel solid? Routes:…

  • Book: Brick Lane / Monica Ali

    I don’t know if I’ll ever need to understand the perspective of Bangladeshi immigrants living in London, but this book brought this totally foreign view much closer, and made the opportunities and pitfalls awaiting these people tangible. Glad Ann recommended it to me.

  • Vedauwoo – Turtle Rock Loop Barefoot

    The sharp crystals of Vedauwoo granite are a little rough on the feet, but I manage to run my favorite loop trail barefoot from our campsite. The variety of flowers in bloom keeps me dazzled the whole way.

  • Vedauwoo – Blair III

    Kate, Mark, and Sean join us for camping and climbing. Campsites in Vedauwoo have a lot of trash left over from the fourth of July weekend, so we spend some time cleaning up our site and pulling nails out of a huge leftover pile of pallet wood. Pulling Nails Climbing starts out well for me.…

  • Living in Vedauwoo

    Vedauwoo is one of our favorite places, so why not live there for a while when it’s nicest? We’ve always dreamed about doing it, and now we’re there!

  • Gypset Atlas and Suggestion Form

    This site extolling a gypsy jetset lifestyle had a few special Geo Mashup requests for its atlas: custom markers, tabbed info windows, and a user submission form. I decided to do the form using a standard WordPress page template – almost everything needed is already available right there. A little extra help from the cookies…

  • Craters of the Moon National Park

    We make a brief overnight stay in this gigantic lava bed in southern Idaho, finding the sparse landscapes punctuated by spry limber pines and stark wildflowers appealing. A nice stretch of trail runs from our campsite past the rims of a few craters and down to the smaller “snow cone”, a crater that preserves snowpack…

  • Visit Victor, Idaho

    An old friend who may wish to remain anonymous lives in this vicinity.