— Ann & Dylan's Wedding —

We got married on August 2nd, 2003. This is our online scrapbook, which we'll probably keep adding to as material comes in. If you have a story or pictures of our wedding to add, please email them to cyberhobo@cyberhobo.net.

Most of our pre-wedding stress came from the fact that we were planning to have it in Joshua Tree National Park. The week preceding the wedding was the tail end of a heat wave that was blamed for several deaths in the area. We worried about our two grandmothers who bravely agreed to attend. To escape the heat we planned to have the wedding in the evening. This, however, put us in conflict with some of the many rules for using the park, and we worried that park rangers might appear at any moment and put an end to our ceremony and party. There were plenty of other worries, but when the day came everything worked out, and though many of our guests remarked that it was an unusual ceremony, I think everyone enjoyed it.