April 26
First light, up an at em! Off we go down the wrong trail. After a couple of miles we figured it out and climbed back up to the beginning of our 25-mile, waterless descent to San Gorgonio. Mind-numbing is about the best word for it. In the morning we meet Walkin' Jim Stolz (whose PCT web page I highly recommend).
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April 27
The first half of the day was a quest to cross the stifling heat and whining wind farms of the San Gorgonio gap. When we finally reached the refreshing waters of the Whitewater River, we basked there for hours. The evening stars watched us climb into the desert hills once more for a satisfying walk to Mission Creek. Hunger began its test of our wills, our friendship, and our endurence as the rations became more and more unsatisfying.
Dylan's Tape | Pete's Journal
April 28
We labor up Mission Creek, which rewards us with increasing beauty. Minds which once carried on complex internal dialogues now chant "Food Food Food Good Food Good". Does it make us argue bitterly? Comtemplate cannibalism? No more than you'd expect.
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