June 21
Early on we climb up to the crest for some peeks at awesome Lake Tahoe. We can never see the whole lake at once. Cutting through closed Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski areas makes us imagine the hordes of skiers that were still on the slopes this time last year. Our attempts to glacade the remaining slush amount to large running steps that posthole often enough to get us nice and wet.
| Pete's Journal
June 22
We have many encounters and incidents. Pete takes a fall on a steep snowfield and barely avoids a serious injury. We cross I-80 at Donner Pass, coming into contact with a B&B climbing school, joggers, fishers, mountain bikers, and fellow trail walkers. All these events touch us somehow.

Pete "swaps" the leaky water bottle for a new one, then we lose an old one, leaving us 2.

Some part of me is worried, or agitated. I'm not aware of it, but it's subtly affecting my actions. My body is also not quite right - during the early hours of the day I limp along the trail with hip pains.

| Pete's Journal
June 23
After a couple more trips to the now hilly crest we begin the descent to Sierra City. For a little while I break out of my spell and can't help but immerse myself in the world as it completely changes around me. The air gets more humid, colorful plants are popping up everywhere in vast varieties, the earth get softer, the smells are all new. Perhaps the world looks like this to someone who knows they will die soon.
| Pete's Journal

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