June 14
Early in the morning I cheerfully strip down to cross Kerrick Creek. Halfway across the bottom drops out and I'm swimming in icy cold water. Pete follows suit while I howl, shiver, and dress.

Our early optimism for the day is challenged by miles of deep sun cups over Dorothy Pass and out of Yosemite National Park. Hours of sloshing and staggering are punctuated by a lunch of wild onions and a few short glacades.

| Pete's Journal
June 15
A scary description in the guidebook almost convinces us to skip one of the prettiest and most unique sections of the trail just before Sonora Pass. To our benefit we risk it and enjoy some incredible views and a great glacade down to the pass.

Firmly planted in the adventurous spirit we strike off the trail after the pass to catch another long slide in the snow. That Sonora Peak glacade was our last excursion over 10,000 feet. We resume the dreaded snow-cup swagger at lower elevations.

| Pete's Journal
June 16
At this point we are sick of the snow. Really sick. We keep convincing ourselves that around the bend the trail drops out of the snow forever, only to be sorely disappointed again and again. Our feet look like they've been soaking in the bath for two weeks straight.

In the morning we get lost, which accounts for the small section of dry trail we find. Back on the trail, and the snow, we push determinedly north. We sleep among the drifts when the sun goes down.

| Pete's Journal

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