June 11
Arriving in Tuolumne meadows we luck out - the store/post office has opened early this season. While we partake of many civilized delights like gardenburgers, haircuts, and ice cream, there is one disappointment. A package we were expecting doesn't show up. We decide to wait one more day for it.

While we sleep in a closed campground, a bear rips the door off a car in a nearby parking lot to get some cheese.

Dylan's Tape | Pete's Journal
June 12
The package doesn't show, which puts Pete in a foul mood. We get a small sampling of the wildlife, granite, tourists, and rangers indigenous to Yosemite National Park. The day ends with two harrowing fords that leave me feeling small and helpless, once again beyond the reaches of civilization. I sit by the roaring creek and attempt to put some of my emotions into words on paper as my wet gear dries and the day fades peacefully away.
Dylan's Tape | Pete's Journal
June 13
One day nature can wound the soul, the next day heal it. When we give up clinging to our desires for lost packages, less snow, and such things, we gain power. Several 3 to 5 thousand-foot climbs and descents only fuel us further. The granite peaks dropping into mysterious valleys tug our hearts along. I no longer feel helpless when faced with a swift river.
Pete's Journal

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