June 8
Another pass, Silver Pass, I hiked over but never saw. My sunglasses disappeared during a creek ford, leaving me seriously worried about snow blindness. I hiked over the pass in Pete's footsteps, peeking through squinted eyes.

The day is full of emotion: our laughter echoes far below us during a thrilling glacade, we are both plunged during a scary ford of Fish Creek, only to be truly terrified later re-crossing it. We burn trail headed for hot springs, only to find them under blankets of slimy orange algae. But soon we're out cold, too tired to be disappointed.

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June 9
We eagerly gobble all our food and drink all our water, anticipating a store at Red's Meadow. We find a very closed store, and a bunch of carpenters trying to get a fish hook out of a kid's arm. On their way to the hospital we scam a ride into Mammoth Lakes, then back again. The store is closed, but the hot springs are open, and we have them to ourselves.

We sleep with our food, as usual, with noisemakers and projectiles ready for marauding bears. I seriously doubt a bear could have woken us if it tried.

Dylan's Tape | Pete's Journal
June 10
A profoundly beautiful day, we lose any sense of difference between ourselves, this high rugged land, things gone by, and things to come. It is all encompassed in these high sierra mountains. I could say that we climbed two more passes, got lost in between, talked honestly, and enjoyed the silence. But I can't imagine the art it would take to convey the eternal feelings that held us and cast a simple light on our lives.
Dylan's Tape | Pete's Journal

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