June 5
After half an hour of bank-searching, we crawl across King's River on an icy log. The snow on Mather Pass is already slushy when we arrive, but Pete finds a way up some exposed rocks. This world is amazing to both of us, but it seemed especially foreign at first to him. Essentially being his first overnight backpack trip, his agility at adaptation is amazing to me.

The quick descent out of the snow down the The Golden Staircase puts us in such a gleeful mood that we strip and plunge into icy Palisades Creek.

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June 6
Pete is not in the mood for snow today. I love this terrain, and maintain some enthusiasm for us up Muir Pass. On the other side, though, my force runs out. The snow becomes a patient assailant bent on slowly, unstoppably driving us mad. There is nothing but whiteness around us, no sound but the steady sloshing of our steps.

Somehow we make it down to the "the tropics," only to be faced with our first "serious" ford: Evolution Creek. I quickly fall out of the leadership role and Pete, who knows about taking a dunk in rapids, steps in. I'm able to perform the technique he explains, but it is terrifying for me.

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June 7
After the hellish snow on Muir Pass, we are dreading Seldon Pass. But it turns out to be fun, we don't even change out of our running shoes.

Next we start to dread the crossing of Bear Creek, which I've heard frightening tales about. But we avoid the ford by going cross-country higher up. We're very proud of ourselves, and would sit around gloating after dinner if we weren't being eaten alive by thousands of mosquitos. The tropics have their disadvantages, too.

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