Food Master Plan

Food Plan - Overview
Basic Plan:
A.  Pack 2140 calories per day per person (200 days, 2 people)
B.  Buy about 860 calories per day per person in towns along the way.
C.  Eat as much as possible in restaurants in towns.
A.  Packed Food: Calories per day
1 main dehydrated meal per day 500
1 breakfast per day 300
6 oz per day of dried fruit, nuts, gorp 1100
1 MealPak bar every other day 200
1 hot chocolate every other day 40
dehydrated vegetables (nori, carrots, spinach, etc.) 0
2 multi vitamins (SuperNutrition, Perfect Blend Formula 2) 0
1 pkg Emergen-C per day 0
B. Purchases in Town:
2 tbs peanut butter 190
1 tbsp. vegetable oil 120
tortillas/bread 150
cheese/creamed cheese 100
misc snickers bars, etc. 300
Misc. Other:
Scattered at random throughout our resupply boxes are black bean hummus, flax meal, and home dried bananas, berries and apples