Inventory of Drift Box

bag w/ Ann's smaller clothes:  pants, shirt, bra, 2 prs underwear

swimsuits (Ann & Dylan)

feminine hygiene products, small bag

disposable razors


insulated REI mug

stove windscreen

herbal deoderant

emergency blanket

nikwax (3)

Dr Bronner's soap

Mountainsmith pack covers (2)

2 water filters

ace bandage

Aleve bottle

lip stuff

vaseline tube

gold bond medicated anti itch cream

2 extra lighters

ear plugs

nail clippers

toilet paper

sun block

vegetable oil - current open bottle



cajun spice

duct tape

labels for box

tube for Dylan's water bladder


rubbing alcohol & 1 1oz. Bottle of citronella

mosquito head net

small multi-tool

medical tape roll

head lamp (extra - Black Diamond)

AA battery recharger (regular wall socket)

assorted utility cord


tape for the box

2 empty plastic tubes


Extra writing pads